We Concierge


  • Product Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Branding


B2C wine shopping assistance app


  • 1 PO
  • 1 TL
  • 1 Product Designer


We Concierge

A sommelier in your pocket, the best way to buy wines.

Finding the perfect wine for every occasion is not easy if you are not an expert. The PO and the TL's idea was to create an application that would help anyone without previous knowledge about wines to learn how to pair and buy wines.
We design an app to locate wines by zone or in the store where they are located, listen to or read reviews about wines, sell, rate, save, and notify about offers or opportunities.

The goal.

The idea was to create screens for all the flows of a mobile application that would allow anyone, whether knowledgeable about wines or not, to search for wines, offers, and promotions near their location.

The beginning.

In this case, I wasn't provided with documentation; the information I had was what I gathered in meetings with the PO and TL about the ideas they had for the app.
Then, during market research, I proposed functionalities and features that could be useful for the users.

Adding value.

At a high level, the app was primarily meant to recommend wines and find deals. However, there were apps offering the same, so we had to think of things that would make the user prefer our app.

From market research, several ideas emerged, such as:
- The app should also allow the user to save their history of purchased wines, ratings, favorites, and wishlist.
- The user should be able to share their discoveries with acquaintances, whether or not they have the app.

The differentiating factor.

I came up with the idea of not only adding a description of the wine and where to buy it but also incorporating product reviews in audio format, created by a professional who would explain in a simple and entertaining way the main characteristics of the wine, what food it could be paired with, and their personal opinion about it.
In addition, I proposed creating the app for smartwatches as well, which would notify the user about nearby offers and allow them to view them immediately without having to take out their mobile phone.

Weeks of work


Designed task flows


Tasks related to recommendations, purchases, location, offers, wishlists, and wine reviews.

Designed screens


Screens made from scratch.