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UI Design

HR management SaaS & PWA

Interface design for an integrated project and HR management software.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study.
All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of the team.


As the company grew and the projects became more and more important, the company decided that it needed a tool that would allow it to keep a more precise control of its human resources, of the projects and their profitability.

Jira was already used for project control, but the company wanted a tool more focused on recognizing capabilities and skills of its resources and their use by projects, as well as their future availability.

Business Objectives

To develop a tool that allows to see quickly the profitability of the projects and the efficient management of the human resources.


  • 1. Give managers a quick and clear view of human resource management.
  • 2. Clearly display project budgets and costs in real time.

My Role

Being the only UX UI designer in the team, my work consisted in participating in the whole process from the ideation phase with the PM to the production of the tool, collaborating with the programmers in the implementation of the design system.

I did all the UX Design (research & tools) but for this use case I will only focus on the UI Design process.

UI Design Process

With the functionalities, main tasks, defined users and the information gathered in the research phase, I worked on two wireframe proposals, one with a sidebar and the other without it.

One of the proposals was colorful and fresh, using colors that contrasted but harmonized with the colors of the corporate identity.

The other proposal was much more sober and conservative, I used analogous colors creating an almost monochromatic palette and with one or two highlight colors.

After several revisions, adjustments, mergers and fixes, the selected version was the most elegant and simple.

My featured contribution

Use a Gantt chart

The initial idea of the system made by the PM and devs was to show the information of the resources with tables and a color system that indicated who was free and who was busy, my idea was to use a Gantt chart to show not only the occupation / idle time of the resources, but also the dates of availability, skills, studies and use two charts, one focused on individual resources use and the other on project teams.

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