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Visual Design

Near2Me App Branding

Brand design and promotional pieces for social networks for COVID-19 infection control application through bluetooth history.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study.
All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of the team.


The developers quickly created an application that could detect when people had been around people infected with Coronavirus but had no logo or anything to promote their product. They needed to create a corporate image, logo and create social networks.

Business Objectives

Have a corporate identity that would allow them to distinguish themselves from the competition, they wanted to have a solid and easily recognizable brand both in app stores and in social networks.


  • 1. Create a logo that reflects the main function of the App and that is recognizable in the app stores.
  • 2. Create a corporate identity and a brand that would reflect security, tranquility, protection and prevention, both in its colors and in its images and messages.

My Role

Being the only designer my work consisted in designing the logo, designing the corporate identity, selecting the color palette, typographies, photographs and creating the slogans for the social network promotions.

Branding Design Process

The app was for prevention of Covid-19 transmission within companies, so I created a moodboard using related concepts: contagion prevention, care, protection, health, touch, proximity, meetings.

In my first sketches I focused a lot on number "2" that included the name.

So I shifted the focus and focused more on concepts like proximity, contagion, waves and care.

With the pre-selected ones I did color and typography tests.

I also ran tests to see how they would look on an iPad screen and in the App Store.

I also tested on Android devices.

The versions that most closely reflected the concept of proximity and connection were selected, so I made color and typographic tests.

The selected logo evokes the idea of proximity to an infected person, the typography is sober and modern.

My featured contribution

Keep calm

Despite being an application to detect potential risks of contagion, it was important that the brand did not revolve around fear but rather prevention, which is why the color red was used in very specific areas and parts of the designs and I used a predominantly neutral color scheme with modern, simple typography, friendly and positive texts, plus friendly images and smiling or calm faces, creating an environment of calm and prevention.

Visual Design

I also made many advertising pieces to be published on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other networks, I also designed the onboarding animations within the app and also the promotional images for the app stores.

Motion Graphics

I also made some promotional videos for social networks, logo animations and also banners for online advertising campaigns.

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