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Mobile App for Asset Management


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Securing company assets.

Assets delivered to employees are values that must be controlled, supervised, and updated by companies permanently. Using RFID technology, the Asset Management System (AMS) is responsible for locating, assigning, and verifying the geographical location of all company assets, from laptops or chairs to vehicles or packages within a warehouse.
To achieve this, I created all screens and task flows of the mobile application.

The goal.

To have complete control over the company's assets: Who has it? Where is it? How long have they had it? What model is it, what year? and to have complete information on all assets entered into the system readily available.

The beginning.

All I had to start designing was a conversation of less than 1 hour with the CEO of the company who had the idea, the goal, and the approximate scope of this application.

Enjoying simplicity.

Since the flows weren't complex, I focused on having fun creating screens that were visually appealing, with simple and elegant information loading processes, and effective notification systems to indicate when an asset couldn't be moved from its work area or geographical location.

Practical and useful.

I hadn't had the opportunity to work with systems that used RFID before. It seemed like a very good idea, simple and effective; a sticker that tells me where things are, that locates something that should be in one place and is found in another, preventing theft, leakage of information, or outdated equipment.

Weeks of work


Designed task flows


Tasks related to asset management, employees, and work areas.

Designed screens


All screens were created from scratch.