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Managing technological HR.

It's challenging for C-level executives, management, or HR to have a complete overview of their technological team, their workload, skills, and collaboration in achieving goals by viewing isolated documents of each team member.
That's why centralizing information from all teams and all employees in a clear and timely manner allows for monitoring the performance of teams, projects, and individuals.
My task was to devise a way to display relevant information to senior management and other stakeholders in a useful and timely manner.

The goal.

To create a system that integrates with platforms like Jira or Zoho Sprints and HR platforms to capture information and generate screens with consolidated and cross-referenced information on resources, projects, and tasks, to provide a quick overview of project and resource statuses.

The beginning.

After the initial meeting with the stakeholders, I started working on ideas for how the system flows and screens could be. There was no documentation or user research, but there was a lot of feedback, and it was almost immediate with each delivery I made, which greatly expedited the ideation and design process.

Seeking inspiration.

While contemplating how the screens could look, what helped me the most was reviewing similar systems for HR management and project control.
I've always found it silly and a sign of arrogance not to look around and see what good things have already been done and from which we can learn and benefit.

Postponed outcome.

Despite having a fully designed system with quite user-friendly flows and having achieved the goal, the project was ultimately put on hold, and I never got to see it developed. I don't think it ever got past the prototyping phase because I never heard about it again. Nevertheless, it was undoubtedly enjoyable and enriching to work on this SaaS.

Weeks of work


Designed task flows


Tasks related to asset management, employees, and work areas.

Designed screens


All screens were created from scratch.