Two programmers have an raw idea about and mobile App to connect pet owners with parks, veterinaries and couples to their pets, during the first meeting trough skype I made the firsts Low_Fi Wireframes with their main ideas, after a research of similar apps we can made adjust or add functionalities and define the MVP, I work actively with them from the beginning in the ideation phase making recommendations about the species in the app, add an medicine control section, vacunation alerts, medicine takes, etc.


  • UX Artifacts

    Ideation, Personas, Scenarios, Customer Journey Maps, Task & User Flows, Red Route Analysis, Low & Hi Fi Wireframes, Prototyping.

  • Brand Design

    Corporate identity, logotype, color scheme.

  • UI Design

    UI Design of all screens to mobile App, webApp and website.


Hi Fidelity

Low Fidelity

Ideation, UX / UI Design, Front-End, Branding
UI Design, Front-End
Taller de Píxeles
UI Design, Branding
UI Design, Branding