Who I am?
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I love solving problems

I love looking for solutions to usability problems, redesign poorly designed interfaces, create an App from scratch, and make beautiful and user friendly interfaces. I also like the visual design and animation.

I have remotely worked my entire career

Passion for Design

I first studied Graphic Design because I was fascinated by being able to communicate concepts and emotions through images and colors.


UX UI Design

Then I realized that I really liked designing interfaces and looking for the best way for users to interact with mobile or web applications, so I studied Web & Multimedia Design, where in addition to UX & UI Design I also learned about HTML+CSS and basic Motion Graphics.


I am available to work remotely from Spain (UTC +2), I usually work with companies around the world and synchronize my work hours with their time zone.


Design Institute of Caracas
Bachelor's degree: User Experience Design | 2007 - 2011

José María Vargas University
Bachelor's degree: Graphic Design & Interactive Media | 2003 - 2007


My favourites
Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator, Hotjar.

Miro, Origami Studio, Principle, Proto.io, Invision, MarvelApp, Axure, MockFlow, Mockplus, Sublime, Google Analitycs, After Effects.

Courses & Certifications

2020 - User Experience Design For Wearables
2020 - Designing For Neural Networks And Ai Interfaces
2020 - Ux For Voice Planning And Implementation
2020 - UX for Web Forms
2020 - UX Research: Going Guerrilla
2020 - Applied Interaction Design: Onboarding Flow
2020 - Interaction Design: Software and Web Design Patterns
2020 - Surveys and Questionnaires for UX Projects
2019 - Empathy in UX Design

2020 - JavaScript for Web Designers
2020 - Interaction Design: Design Patterns as Building Blocks

Visual Design
2020 - Social Media Marketing for Small Business
2020 - Designing Emotion: How To Use Design To Move People
2020 - Learning Motion Graphics
2020 - Logo Design: Shapes and Symbols
2019 - Logo Development: Identity Design and Discovery
2020 - Logo Development: Identity Development
2019 - Brand Strategy for Designers

2020 - Creating a Design System with Adobe XD
2020 - After Effects for UX Design
2020 - Prototype a CRM Mobile Application with Framer
2020 - Adobe XD: Building a Responsive Component Library

2019 - Project Management for Designers
2019 - Hiring and Managing UX Professionals

I know HTML/CSS, basic Motion Graphics and I ♥ to iterate


I can not stress this enough: on top of being an excellent professional and an expert on his field, he is an incredible kind and respectful person. He was always committed to perform at his best and always proposing beyond expectations, offering an alternative view for every piece of work delivered. Although sometimes (if not always) clients can be undecided, he managed situations respectfully, crafting with finesse the deliverables to match their expectations. I would definitely work with Leonel again.
Natalia Pattarone
Natalia Pattarone - Team Lead
Leonel is a shining UI / UX designer, I had the pleasure of working with him on many projects. He always delivers on time and goes beyond the requirements, his work is excellent. I really recommend him!
Ayelen Rizzalli
Ayelén Rizzalli - Software Engineer
Leonel redefined my concept of willingness. I have never before seen such a drive and passion to pursue results, regardless of the circumstances and finding an oportunity in every obstacle. Wining the client's hearts and applause at every step, and his teammate's cheer as well, Leonel is one of those people who not only delivers, but also makes the work environment more pleasant to everyone. Loved working with him every time, and looking forward for the next time it happens
Lucas Fares
Lucas Daniel Fares - Senior Business Analyst, Team Lead & Researcher
Leonel has an excellent graphic style and dedication to details, he takes the necessary time to study each interface he designs looking for the perfect balance between usability and image, for me it is always a pleasure to work with him and have the security of always obtaining a impeccable work.
Mauricio Duran
Mauricio Duran - Full Stack Developer

“The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize, and glean insights that enable him or her to make the invisible visible.”

Hillman Curtis - Pioneer in Web and interactive Design

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