Leonel Silva
Product Designer | UX/UI Designer
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CSR3: Improvements for the creation of complex campaigns and optimization of results visualization that led to an SUS score change from 42,5 to 95

Furst Person: Simplification of the creation and management of hiring tests that reduced goal achievement times by 60%

TASB: Reviewing the Front-End code of the entire system to identify and document adherence or non-adherence to the W3C WCAG 2.1 Level A - AA guidelines

I am Leonel a Product Designer based in Spain working remotely for clients worldwide

Product Design

✔ Meeting business, product, and user expectations.
✔ Strategic thinking for the medium and long-term evolution of products, primarily SaaS B2B and B2C.
✔ Analyzing problems related to business roadmap and UX goals, managing UX resources, delivery dates, design team management.
✔ Aligning product goals with KPIs, OKRs, and the strategic vision of the business.

UX Research

✔ Quantitative data analysis: Google Analytics, Hotjar, heatmaps, navigation analysis.
✔ Qualitative research methods: Surveys (SUS, NPS), user interviews, usability testing, card sorting, benchmarking and competitive analysis, focus groups, tree testing, and contextual inquiry.
✔ Documentation of research results: High-level documents for managers and C-level executives, detailed technical documentation for work teams, TLs, and developers.
✔ Tracking the impact of user research on the final outcome of systems.

UX/UI Design & UX Research

✔ Interaction design patterns.
✔ Wireframing.
✔ Lo-Fi, Mid-Fi & Hi-Fi prototyping.
✔ Information architecture, labeling systems, schemas, and navigation structures.
✔ A/B Testing with Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi prototypes, or in development environments.
✔ UX Artifacts: Users & task flows, personas, scenarios, customer journey maps, card sorting, affinity diagrams, empathy maps, red route analysis.
✔ Methodologies: Design thinking, user-centered design, mind mapping, competitive analysis, UX patterns, UX content, lean design, design sprints.

UI Design

✔ Designing high-fidelity designs with a high level of attention to detail, good design, and excellent organization of files in Figma or Adobe XD.
✔ Creating, editing, and updating design systems or using existing design systems.
✔ Responsive design.
✔ Following guidelines such as material design, Apple design, Carbon, etc.
✔ Methodologies: UI patterns, A/B testing, lean design, design sprints.


✔ Evaluating the accessibility of SaaS and websites through the analysis of front-end code and the use of tools recommended by the W3C.
✔ Recommending the accessibility level (A-AA-AAA) depending on the specific characteristics of each system.
✔ Generating detailed documents of changes to be implemented by developers for evaluation, estimation, and implementation.
✔ Creating high-level documentation for complex issues that involve larger changes than code modifications to be evaluated by stakeholders and managers.

Projects I've participated in doing Product & UX/UI Design